woensdag 27 juli 2022

I Need A Favor - My Creative Time

 Welcome to another "I Need a Favor"
at My Creative Time 

I love this day! 
My number 1 thing I like to make are favors,
little gifts for people I know and
with these small gifts I like to surprise them.

And they so appreciate it, it brings a smile to 
their face and that is worth all the effort

So today I am showcasing my favorite
The Shortmilk Treatbox
I love it sooooo much

So I thought why not try to extend it
Make it a bigger version
And it was really easy and it looks awesome
No I can get a bigger favor in there :)

This is what I made and I sooooo love
how it came out
It is super cute in real life

So cut this die out 4 times
and then take 2 and use only the bottom part
so the rectangle and the flaps (to form the bottom)
Then cut the flaps in half of the other 2
and glue them together and you have a 
bigger version

I covered the extension with a nice ribbon
so you can't tell

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Super adorable! Love the papers you used! So clever to extend the box! 😍

  2. You did such a great job of decorating your box. I LOVE the papers (i love flowers and gingham!), and adding the clothes pin and ribbon adds so much. NICE