woensdag 6 januari 2021

It's 3D Wednesday at My Creative Time

 Happy New Year!!!!

And welcome to another amazing MCT year!!

Today we are showcasing a 3D gift at My Creative Time,
my favorite thing to make!

Because it has been pretty cold these last few days
I thought why not give somebody some Hot Chocolate to go in a cute bag!
And when it is cold, I think of my one of my favorite characters too.....

Mr Snowman!

So Emma has a Snowman in her store but I wanted to built my own Snowman!!
Ofcourse   :)

And tadaa this is him, isn't he snow adorable??

So do you want to built him too? These supplies I used to built him:

Treat Sleeve Die (MCT-D115-1) for the tag and head

Pretty Egg Tag Dies (MCT-D2630 for his body

Small Santa Hat Topper Die (MCT-D294) for the scarf

Lucky Bird Die (MCT-D217-1) for his arms and nose and eyes

Fun Size Heart Bow Die (MCT-D251) for the buttons on his belly

Peace on Earth (MCT-362) and Stay Safe (MCT-356) to create a new sentiment and
YES I cut stamps :)
Shopping Bag Die (MCT-D295) to put the Hot Chocolate in

I hope you have as much fun as I did building him, have a great Wednesday and stay warm!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Lol He IS snow adorable!!! How sweet and what a great idea with the cocoa! Stay warm:)

  2. Adorable bag! Love the cute snowman
    Have a great day!