zaterdag 29 juni 2013

Favorite Blogs

Hi everyone,

I have a few favorite blogs I visit nearly every day! To inspire and to admire because they are amazing! One of my favorites is "These are a few of my favorite Things - by Dawn McVey".
She makes amazing cards with stamps in her own way! I love to see what see makes.

This week I saw this card and whilst cleaning my desk ( There is more play area on a clean craft table) I found this butterfly I already cut and was laying somewhere on my desk.
I remember the card I saw that Dawn has made this week and I have tried to copy it and use whatever is nearby. This is what I made!

Left is what Dawn made and on the right is my card

Tijdens het opruimen van mijn hobbykamer kwam ik deze vlinder tegen en ik had ook net op één van mijn favoriete blogs gekeken, die van Dawn McVey en het leek me leuk hem "na te maken" op mijn manier!

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