woensdag 19 oktober 2011

I am a Guestdesigner !!!!

I'm só happy to be a Guest Designer here on "You Had Me At Craft"!

A few weeks ago Alex asked if someone would like to be a guest designer and if so, then they could apply, I did and she picked me!! Can you believe it??
Thank you so much Alex!!

My name is Jannie van Beelen and I live in the Netherlands, I have a blog as well. If you would like to see it, you can click here.
Crafting is a big part of my life and am crafting mostly every day.

So for this day I deceided to make the following!

Being so close to Halloween, a Holiday we don't have or celebrate in the Netherlands, I thought I would do my version of this Holiday.
I shop a lot in a store where they sell anything from Householdstuff to Papercrafting and it is really cheap. So I found these Iron-on Patches in the shape of Owls and I love Owls!!! And when I was thinking about making something different for Halloween I instantly thought of these cut Owls!

Because I like to play with words, I thought of Owl and Halloween...if you prenounce it the right way it almosts sounds like Happy Owlween..doesn't it?? Maybe it is a Dutch thing, LOL.

So I made three different cards!
The first one I got a piece of chocolatebrown CS and cut it into 4"x 4", then I ran a piece of brown 3,75" x 3x75" through my Cuttlebug with the Leaf Branch folder to create a scenery for the Owl to sit in. I then used my favorite letters to create "Happy" the Owl speaks for itself (isn't he adorable??) and then I created the word "Ween" I tried to use all the colors of the owl to blend in together. I also put on some little hearts (from the Owl punch from Stampin'Up isn't that funny)

The second one I made a more traditionale scenary for the Owl, the paper I used is actually a piece of wallpaper, I got it at a DIY store! It is a sample which are free so I took some....it is a perfect size to use on cards so! I then cut a hole for the Owl to sit in and then the same phrase again! Used it as a theme! And the hearts are also done in the same colors as the little Owl.

The third and final one is a girlie one! I also used a piece of wallpaper again, from the same store, gave the Owl a Halloweenhat and create the text again.

I hope this idea has given you inspiration to new ideas as well!

Thank you so much again dear Alex, for the opportunity and I hope to see you all on my blog as well www.knutselfrutselen.blogspot.com

Ben vandaag zo blij!!! Ik ben uitgekozen om als gast op de site van Alex te staan! Voel me zo vereerd. Ik mocht alles doen en heb gekozen voor Halloween, juist omdat dit in Amerika zo gevierd wordt en Alex uit Amerika komt. Ik heb strijkpatroontjes gebruikt van de Action (favoriete winkel) en deze gebruikt in een Halloweenthema, waarbij ik natuurlijk weer gebruik heb gemaakt van mijn behangstaaltjes!

These are the comments on Alex's blog:

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  1. very cute and creative!!


  2. Congratulations my dear friend on being Guest Designer. You certainly are worthy of it. Your cards are adorable and I love your play on words....very creative!

  3. They turned out very nice!
    About Halloween: it's a pity that it's so 'unknown' here, isn't it? But I made some jello worms (really looked real) and 'used, dirty ear cottons' (marshmallows with peanutbutter on both ends of a white stick, they also looked so real, though véry dirty). Hehe, you should have seen the reactions of the kids that came to our door :) Eeeeek! LOL.

    BTW, I love the Action store too! I didn't know they had such nice patches. They are great for crafting with my youngest daughter, so thanks for the tip!