maandag 7 februari 2011

Another Cuttlebug Spot challenge

This month is a great month at the Cuttlebug Spot, because this month we are focusing on different card bases!

This week's card base is "Step it up with : Step Cards"

Hope you will join us in the fun and the randomly chosen entry for this week's challenge will win a great prize!This week's random chosen winner will receive a £15.00 gift certificate to The Craft Barn. Good luck everyone!!

And please go and see what my teammembers have created!

A good colleque/friend came up to me and asked if I could make her a duck card, her aunt had given her a duck made of stone to put in her garden.
She thought a personalized card would be a nice way to say Thank You!

I loved the idea right away and with this weeks challenge in mind I made this one!!!

It reminded me of the annual Fair we always have, where men are shooting at ducks (not real ones :)) and get there picture taken!

I found this tutorial by Dawn, which was a good one for me!

I stamped the ducks and colored them, I used the colors orange and yellow because those are the duck colors I think!
For the orange panels I used the big dot folder and ran it through the Cuttlebug!

This card turned out to be super I think, it really made my day and I had to smile everytime I saw it!

My colleque and her husband loved it and when she gave it to her aunt she loved it too!

The saying is in Dutch and refers to a word that has duck (=eend) in it!
Very difficult to translate unfortunately, but it says thank you with a funny twist!

Voor deze week heeft de Cuttlebug Spot weer een andere manier van kaartvouwen, namelijk the Step Card, zoals je kunt zien zitten er wat verschillende vouwen in deze kaart. Een lieve collega/vriendin vroeg of ik een kaart voor haar wilde maken voor haar tante, die haar een stenen eend voor in haar tuin had gegeven. Of ik een eendachtige kaart wilde maken. Ik moest gelijk aan dit eendje denken, een stempeltje. Ik heb hem een flink aantal keren gestempeld en ingekleurd met geel en oranje (de echte eendkleuren) vervolgens moest ik meteen aan de kermis denken en heb ze daarom zo opgeplakt! Nog een leuke zinspeling erbij en issie niet één(d)ig?

7 opmerkingen:

  1. lovely jannie...absolutely adorable. the colors you used look so well together.

    thanks again for helping me out ;p

    big hug to you!

  2. So cute. Love the duckies! Thanks for the great Purrrrrfect Birthday suggestion. I was having problems with figuring out a saying.

  3. This is fab how you've got all those little duckies lined up!
    Helen x

  4. this is so bright and fun Jannie! Love those little duckies! xxD

  5. Wonderful card Jannie! Love those ducks, so cute!!

  6. Oh Jannie, your ducks are just lovely. I love the way they are popping their heads over the top of the step.

  7. So cute Jannie! Love those little ducks, and the brightness and happiness of this card. I know the recipient will love it.

    Hugz, xx