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Happy New Year from the Cuttlebug Spot and this month is all about being inspired!

Hi everyone!

Usually DT members at "The Cuttlebug Spot" are part of the team for 3 months but Nilda was so happy with the current team that she asked us all to be part of another term. So we are all back! Isn't that fantastic???

So a new year and new Challenges!

January will be all about getting inspired at the Cuttlebug Spot.

You can make any type of project .. card, layout, altered item, home
decor.. etc.
Please remember they are just ideas, of course the inspiration for the the
project is totally up to you! Good luck with your project and on top of it there is again an amazing prize to win!!

For this week:
Inspired by a book ( anything in the book... the title, story, scene, characters, etc .. can be used for inspiration.)

My entry for this week is:

This is a Dutch book written by a very famous writer in the Netherlands, her name was Annie M.G. Schmidt.

The most famous twentieth-century Dutch writer, Annie M.G. Schmidt was thought of during her lifetime as the "real queen of the Netherlands". She was a highly original woman with a broad perspective and an unfailing sense of humor. Her radio and TV series, plays and musicals brought her unprecedented popularity. Many of her books have been filmed, and almost everyone in the Netherlands is able to recite at least a line or two from one of her songs or poems. Her children's books have become a national institution!!!!

Throughout her career – she died in 1995 at the age of 84 – she was showered with accolades, including the Dutch and Austrian national prizes for children's literature. Her work has appeared in translation all over the world, with the odd exception of the English-speaking countries, where very few of her books have been published. In 1988 the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren presented her with the Hans Christian Andersen Award, the "Nobel Prize" of children's literature. The jury praised her "ironic tone, witty criticism and style that is amusing, clear, rebellious and simple to its essence."

As you can read it is hard not to love her work! Because I am not that much of a reader it was difficult at first. But then it hit me!

I was inspired by the thought of my Mum, who unfortunately died to young,
January 2nd 1999 age 53! We loved her very much and still miss her a lot!
She was an inspiration and loved to tell us bedtime stories when we were
little, her favorite writer was Annie M.G. Schmidt.
She used to write amazing childstories and rhymes, so Annie M.G. Schmidt is
a favorite of mine too!
Her stories are amazing!

My entry is a teabag holder, which is also a little storybook! I found the template at Splitcoast Stampers but a lot of other crafters have made them as well. I make them a lot ever since!

So I also made it for my little niece Gwen, who never got to meet her grandmother,
because she is only 4,5 years old.
We try to tell her as much as we can about her grandmother and she stayed
with us at Xmas this year.
She didn't want to sleep in a "strange" bed and so I deceided to read her a
story of Annie M.G. Schmidt.
It is about a kettle and she loves tea, so I will put in 2 bags of her
favorite tea and whilst drinking this, her mum can read her the story again!

It really was a challenge, but after thinking of my mum, it wasn't difficult at all!!

I found a piece of CS which I loved and the strip on the front I embossed with the Cuttlebug folder mini dots. Then on the inside I decorated the inserts for the teabags also with a Cuttlebugfolder:

As you can see I made a little Kettle with googly eyes!

I then retyped the story about the Kettle and made it fit to the booklet!

This is the rhyme, I have done my best to translate it, as much in rhyme.
But some things got lost in translation, but you will get the idea!
This is the front of the original book, which my mum used to have!

Meneer is niet thuis en mevrouw is niet thuis,
het keteltje staat op het kolenfornuis,
de hele familie is uit,
en het fluit en het fluit en het fluit: túúúút

The mr and mrs aren't at home
and the poor kettle is on the stove
the whole family is out
and everybody has to settle with this terrible noise of the kettle

De pan met andijvie zegt: Foei, o, foei!
Hou eindelijk op met dat nare geloei!
Wees eindelijk stil asjeblief,
je lijkt wel een locomotief.

The pot with stew with andive says o please stop
Can't you please not make this noise again
It is so terrible, you almost sound like a train

De deftige braadpan met lapjes en zjuu
zegt: Goeie genade, wat krijgen we nu?
Je kunt niet meer sudderen hier,
ik sudder niet meer met plezier!

Even the roast with gravy wished he was in the navy
I can't make my roast it's no fun here and I can't roast without the cheer!

Het keteltje jammert: Ik hou niet meer op!
Het komt door m'n dop! Het komt door mijn dop!
Ik moet fluiten, zolang als ik kook
en ik kan het niet helpen ook!

The Kettle cries and weeps I cant'be stopped
It is because of my cap, I also wish it would be dropped
So I have to whistle as long as I cook
And I can't help it I wish I could

Meneer en mevrouw zijn nog altijd niet thuis
en het keteltje staat op het kolenfornuis,
het fluit en het fluit en het fluit.
Wij houden het echt niet meer uit... Jullie?

The mr and mrs are still not home
and the Kettle goes on and on
it whistles and whistles and gives us the sissles!

Deze week hebben we bij de Cuttlebug Spot een inspiratie vanuit een boek, dit kan het boek in zijn geheel zijn, of de kaft of de personages die erin voorkomen.
Ik heb Annie M.G. Schmidt als inspiratie genomen! Wie is niet groot met haar geworden. Ik doe dit ook als eerbetoon aan mijn moeder, die 2 januari 1999 te vroeg is overleden. Zij was een groot fan van Annie (ze heette zelf Anneke) en las ons, toen we klein waren, altijd voor uit Annie. Zo ook dit verhaaltje, van het Fluitketeltje. Die ik voorlas aan mijn nichtje, die hier sliep afgelopen Kerst. Ze is nog maar 4 en heeft haar Oma helaas nooit gekend. Ze wilde niet slapen in een vreemd bed en toen heb ik haar een paar versjes voorgelezen waaronder die van het Keteltje. Gwen moet zoveel mogelijk weten van haar geweldige Oma.
Ik heb daarom een theezakje houder gemaakt, wat meteen een klein voorleesboekje is geworden. Terwijl haar moeder haar lievelingsthee heeft gezet, kan zij al drinkend genieten van het verhaaltje voorgelezen door haar moeder.

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  1. great project Jannie! And an ever greater story behind it! xxxx

  2. Hoi Jannie.
    Eerst even dit een gezond 2011 meis.
    Bedankt voor je bezoekje op me blog,dacht nu moet ik is even kijken wie dit is.
    Wat maak jij schitterende creaties zeg,en wat een leuke verhalen allemaal.
    Echt super,ik kom zeker vaker bij je langs.
    Ben gelijk volger van je geworden.
    Een gezellige dag.

    Liefs Riet.

  3. What a wonderful little tale and a great project to go with it! You really put some thought into this project, Jannie. So cute!

  4. Oh this is just darling, Jannie! Love the little story! xxD

  5. This is very cool Jannie....great idea.

  6. This project is wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I am now a follower.

  7. jannie..this is too cute and you did wonderful with the translation...loved it and it put a smile on my face. tfs!

  8. Fab idea! Such a cute little kettle!
    Helen x

  9. Hi Jannie, I love this idea so much. The inspiration has not only been drawn from the book but a personal experience and you have continued a tradition with your Neice... You should be so proud.. TFS Andy.