woensdag 24 november 2010

More to tell about Sinterklaas

This time of the week and next week is a very busy one for the elderly childeren (age 8 till 130) all these know about the magic of Sinterklaas and draw tickets. On these tickets are the names of their brothers/sisters/parents/grandparents or someone from school or work. On this ticket it says the name of the receiptant and the present they would like to receive.

Then you must get to work! You must make a "surprise" which means you have to make a funny,odd,messy subject which has to do with the person on the ticket. It could be a papermache football, a big book, anything creative! Inside this subject you are going to put the present. Along with it goes a poem, usually also about the person! Most of the time they are long and full of facts and cynicism but always funny!!

For example! I went to America with my BFF and she knows my love for Starbucks coffee, we can hardly get it here! Only in Amsterdam, Leiden or Den Haag, not very close-by! So when I see one, I run like Forrest Gump to get a coffee, a few weeks ago I was lucky to tast the Winterflavor, Macchiato with Gingerbread, mmmmmm. So my BFF drew my ticket and she made me this amazing big Starbuck mug!! Isn't it gorgious!!!!

This is what I made my BFF, strangly enough we drew eachother, LOL
I made her a guinea pig track, this used to be a very famous game on TV when we where kids!! Inside I hit the gift!

I also made a poem, I am pretty good at this and they are usually very long!!!!!!!!!

These are a few lines to give you an idea, I will try to translate in in rhyme! It goes something like this

Ook dit jaar maakt de Sint weer gebruik van vervoer door stomen
Dit doet hij al jaren en tot nu toe is hij steeds aangekomen
De Sint heeft er ieder jaar weer meer zin in lijkt het wel
Al die blijde gezichten iedere keer te zien, alleen gaat het altijd weer zo snel
Die paar weekjes zijn eigenlijk te kort maar hij neemt het er maar van
Hij heeft een drukke agenda en hoopt dat het allemaal weer kan
Ook dit jaar maakt de Sint weer gebruik van vervoer door stomen

This year Sinterklaas has used the way of traveling by boat
He has done this for ages and it's what he wants to promote
It's his favorite time of the year, he never gets sick
To see all the happy faces, but he realises the time passes quick!
These few weeks are always too short so he enjoys every minute of it
He is very busy then and has no time to sit!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. How did she make the big mug? way cool. I would love to see bigger pics... It seems like a great tradition to start here in my household. TFS!

  2. thanks for the info...that mug is really cool.

    I bet you ave to be very creative to make something different every year, lol. But I can adapt it somehow. LOL