vrijdag 26 november 2010

Friday is my day off

I love my Fridays off, it is my time and I can do a lot of crafting! We are going to have a jewelryparty here tonight, at my house, with our new collection of JaMe.

So I got all our storage from my BFF and will set it in the livingroom shortly, after cleaning it.

I just had some time to kill and I was dying to make this card! You know how I love freebies and so I found this one at Papercraftsmag.com, I made the Scotty dog out of brown cardstock! I run it through the computer and cut it out! if you are handy with the computer (use Paint) you can erase the words "Dog Pattern cut out of black CS" because it is hard to print it on dark paper, so I used 1 sided coloured paper so the inside is blank.

Isn't he adorable? To use for "A ruff day"? Or "It's raining cats and dogs"

Vrijdag is altijd mijn vrije dag, lekker knutselen enzo. Ik ga ook sporten en vanavond geven we een sieradenparty van onze nieuwe collectie JaMe, dus ik heb alle voorraad net op gehaald, ga zo de kamer opruimen en dan alles mooi neerzetten. Maar ik had nog even tijd om een kaart te maken. Ik ben gek op gratis dingen, zoals templates en ik vond deze schat op Papercraftsmag.com

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