dinsdag 10 augustus 2010

I am back from a welldeserved and enjoyed holiday in France! It was wonderful! We had a lot of sun and fun!
Among the things we saw was this amazing waterfall! It is one of seven, but it had rained and everything was so slippery so deceided not to go further! But this one is amazing, isn't it?

I have missed my crafting a lot, although I had time for some reading (read 3 books and I never read!!).
But when I got home...a huge parcel was waiting for me! (Like Xmas in August!!!) and guess what? One of my 2 BFF Diana who lives in America and we have known eachother since 1982 had sent me 3 pound Scrappaper in all sizes and colors!!!!! Isn't that amazing and SUPER sweet???? Look how yummy...I can't wait to start!!!!

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