woensdag 18 januari 2012

Birthdaypresent/ Verjaardagscadeautje

Next week, the mother of friends of ours, will be 70! We know her very well because we always see her at special occassions at our friends houses and we think she is a sweetheart.

She also is a big fan of dachshunds and so I deceided to make her some cards with a very famous one on the front.

Generations of Dutch grew up with the stories of Jip and Janneke, two four year olds. They are best friends who play together, argue, get into mischief and eat too many sweets and are by the hand of the very popular Dutch author Annie M.G. Schmidt. They first appeared in the early fifties but today, they are still very popular. Aren't they adorable??

So in the HEMA, a shop I love, they have the "Jip and Janneke" line and they sell all kinds of things with them on it. So I bought a few giftbags and cut the dog out. Then I made some cards and used only black & white for it. The background is a folder with little dogfeet and bones which I ran through the Cuttlebug.

Then I made a box around it and I used this example, which I have altered to make it fit. Not so difficult to make but what a great result! I love it! And hopefully the "Birthdaygirl" will too!!

Volgende week wordt de moeder van vrienden van ons, 70 en we kennen haar erg goed want we zien haar altijd op de feestjes en partijtjes. We vinden haar heel erg lief en ze is gek op teckels! Dus ik dacht, ik maak een leuk setje voor haar, van kaartjes met envelopjes en daarvoor heb ik Takkie gebruikt! Ik heb hem geknipt uit wat cadeautasjes van de HEMA en de kaartjes heb ik wit met zwart gelaten!
Toen heb ik een doosje aangepast zodat de kaartjes met envelopjes erin passen!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ooooh, so adorable! 'Takkie' is the dog's name, isn't it? this is also nice to hang on the wall, like a plaque!

  2. Yes, it is Heidi! And what a great idea!!