vrijdag 5 november 2010

Sint Maarten, Sint Maarten, de koeien hebben staarten

This Thursday it is November 11th and it is a big Dutch Holiday for childeren! It's like Halloween, only without the costums!At school childeren are making their own Laterns, we used to have real candles in them, when I was young, but a lot of laterns caught fire, so now they have little lightbulbs on a battery, which is much safer ánd usually it rains, so they rain can't hurt the light.

It is such a pretty sight to see, all these little ones walking in our street with their lights and singing, it is wonderful!

So I made these candybags with a digital stamp! I love graphic designs and when I saw digital stamps online, I thought why not try and make one on your own! It is a LOT of work, believe me, this one took me 30 minutes but it is very nice! The words on the stamp all have to do with Sint Maarten!

Deze donderdag is het 11 november en ja dat is natuurlijk Sint Maarten, voor jullie geen uitleg nodig natuurlijk! Ik heb een digitale stempel gemaakt, die ik vaak op internet zie en het resultaat is geweldig, maar wat een werk, ik was met deze 30 minuten bezig, maar hij is wel super geslaagd!

This is what the supermarkts look like around this time of year:

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  1. cool......pam at bugbytes has a post about a big celebration in India about lights too. I love to get educated. Thanks!

    have fun!

    Some candy packages look a bit different from the ones where I live, that is interesting as well.