zondag 10 oktober 2010

Special Projects / Bijzondere projecten

Because our main computer is at the doctors (LOL) I am working on my laptop at this moment. The laptop hasn't got all the things I have on our main computer but I did manage to copy my projects on here. Going through them I thought...why not share!

Made this one for a baby to be, made my own digital stamp (in Dutch

Made this one for a friend who knew somebody who had her 40th Weddinganniversary

Birthday(in Dutch)

Sometimes it just happens...a beautiful card with only a butterfly in mind

Fifty is a special age in Holland, I made this for a special person, it says Fifty in Dutch

I also make jewelry, with my BFF, and this one I made for a birthdaygirl, crazy for pink, a great bracelet, she loved it!

1 opmerking:

  1. Fab cards and jewellery Jannie. You have been really busy. I've got my treat box done, but it didn't photograph well as the card is dark.